Insanity Studio

Connivance – Teaser Trailer

If anyone saw the blog at, i announced a few days ago a new game secretly, called Connivance. But today i am announcing it officially, through a small teaser trailer! It’s in early stages so there is no release date.

A little bit info about the story of the game:

We are going through the fourth industrial revolution. Everyone now owns at least one smartphone. We watch the news, talk to friends, listen to music, or play video games. Technology companies find new technologies every year to keep us stuck. Society is no longer as we knew it. We lost contact with people close to us. The same goes for Andrew Rimes. He lost contact with his grandfather 15 years ago. Until he died and was left with his home. He is forced to go and see it to put it up for sale but he finds strange things happening there and begins to change his mind about many things.